Process Overview.

Everybody registers in our Shoppers warehouse as a customer and chooses to opt-in as a distributor or Executive Distributor that can qualify him to aspire to become our Brand Ambassador.

To this end,

(1) DISTRIBUTOR: buys between N10,000 and N99,999 and qualifies to earn in our system. Volumes are cumulative.

(2) EXECUTIVE DISTRIBUTOR: BUYS N100,000 worth of products and above. (Products purchases are cumulative, meaning they add up from his initial purchases and DO NOT WIPE OUT. No time limit).

Earns on 4 levels on sales bonus in our 3 x 10 matrix. EVEN WITHOUT RECRUITING ANYONE.

We have

1. State Brand Ambassador
2. Regional Brand Ambassador
3. National Brand Ambassador
4. Continental Ambassador
5. Global Ambassador