How to earn up to N10,000 daily with Shoppers Warehouse without buying a product

One of the easiest ways to make lots of cash with popular e-commerce platform Shoppers Warehouse is to become an distributor

Shoppers Warehouse is becoming a house-hold name in Nigeria, famous for its lowest price dominance in the commerce industry in Nigeria. the e-commerce company currently boast of about 3,000 distributors nationwide.

Become a Distributor

You can easily make lots of cash if you are a distributor, what it entails is for you to register and when you also refer another individual you get paid an instant N10,000. As a distributor you are expected to sell products, apparently selling products is the easiest way to make it big with Shoppers warehouse; because you can also earn from sales bonus.

Imagine if you refer 10 persons into the business in a day, you get paid an instant N100,000, lets say the 10 persons do a purchase of about 1 million a month you also share from the net profit with the company.

Click on the link to register as a distributor today, also walk into our office @ 72 Opebi road Ikeja Lagos to make enquiries.

Watch out for my next article, becoming a distributor with Shoppers Warehouse is the easiest way to start a profitable online business. you can also log on to to see more of our products.



This date is a special day at Shoppers Warehouse because we want you to have your unique shopping experience.

Shop for our primed products you desire on 12:12:2020 and go home with a unique gift specially prepared for you.

For this day, you will have the experience of shopping in a personalized way and go with variety of gifts. Shop more!!! Be gifted more!!!

Shop ’till You Drop!



Theme: “Economic Power is True Power, Financial Independence is True Independence.”

Guests’ appearances were: Zainab Kwande, Mr. Isaac Imodibe and Prince Obi (The PrinceOfWealth) as the Special Guest of Honour for the event.
The event was held on 1st October, Independence Day, at Sandralia Hotel, #1 Solomon Lar Way, Jabi, Abuja, Nigeria.

The brand (Shoppers Warehouse) was featured on The Hot Breakfast Club Radio Show Live at HOT FM 98.3FM – #1 Solomon Lar way, Jabi, Abuja.

Beautiful Abuja leaders rejoiced at their victorious Shoppers Warehouse independence mega sumit. Two sessions, and both were filled to capacity. “Who no dey, no dey” originated from this event proper; and trended unto the Kano, Onitsha and even Enugu Mega Summits. Watch this space closely, cause truly the brand has gone viral with value being dished out as promised in total simplicity and grand style.

An offshoot of this event accoladed a distinguished leader from Abuja, who was promoted to a Master Distributor, in the person of Paul Onwumah, as a master distributor in Shoppers Warehouse, making them 5 in number now.

Nothing can be more rewarding than earning daily income on every eCommerce sale, and that, being on autopilot. This is an antidote for the time that we find ourselves in. Shopperswarehouse has truly come to challenge the status quo and bring a paradigm shift to the way business is done in this our 21st century where everyone wins – no more ‘the winner takes it all’, leaving you with only ‘thank you for your patronage, come another time.’


Theme: “Economic Power is True Power, Financial Independence is True Independence.”

The summit featured a radio outing on Urban Radio 94.5 FM – as a prelude to the event, which was a blast. Then a red carpet session for the event proper in grand style ensued.

The sights and sounds of the first and second sessions of the Enugu Independent mega summit on Saturday, October 31st were all a blast – filled to capacity. Shoppers Warehouse is providing many with the true independence and freedom at last as promised.

It was a two day power-packed event, a total blast with the hall filled to capacity each day, with a very enthusiastic crowd that were poised to take the mountain. The event had a slogan “Who no dey, no dey” which went viral across cities. Shoppers Warehouse is truly upholding her promise of being: “your own warehouse, your wealth generator”.

Keep Hope Alive

The year 2020 is in its last quarter and it seems like a decade has passed already with the weight of social shift and distortion caused by recent health and medical concerns. The whole world stood for COVID19, and it seemed like we were at the brink of being brought to our knees. A lot has been lost, a lot has moved but we are still resilient regardless the emerging cultural shift due to the pandemic.

While some see fear and limitations, we ask “is there more to be imagined beyond this point? We see beyond the pandemic; and we understand that the concern for some borders around the question of what happens after we pick up the pieces. Humans are social beings, thus we will crave communion. We are of the opinion that the communion sort is one that has surely evolved. After the “Social Distancing” era, how much revert will happen in our cultural system? How many people are ready to return to status-quo?

On the one hand, there’s a school of thought that suggests that post the pandemic, people who are so starved of humane interaction will seek it out and indulge wholly. Another school of thought insists that the very fabric of human connection has been distorted by the coming of the pandemic. In this era of digital media, We are already “alone together”; The screen life, drawn into incessant use of applications and virtual social platforms and thus we already neglect human interaction on a level. This era now legitimizes and enforces social distancing, yes for safety reasons; but again, stop and think about the social eventuality of this shift.

The obvious need for shelter, food, security, leadership and HOPE is still embedded into the cultural fabric of the people. Some see the end coming; war, disasters, and now plagues and pandemic, but there are some others who see a cultural shift necessitated by the expectations of millennial existence. This is where Shoppers Warehouse meets you, the ones who survive, and they that learn to thrive in this new age. Knowing that needs most be met, we have kept the best available solutions to help with the heartbeat of the people, the best rates for goods and services ensuring that the needs of many will still be met somehow because life has to go on.

Shoppers Warehouse remains committed to the value of Hope promised and this we still strive to deliver at every cost. The hope of the people cannot be easily squandered, thus we ask that you join in this journey for HOPE, for we believe that through travail, New Life emerges. So keep hope alive, and remember, we stand with You.

Decluttering for Shoppers

So many people are burdened by possessions they’ve acquired and interactions with family and acquaintances. We are taught to manage Interactions with people, but rarely do we consider what to do with the things we have acquired. Our homes and work spaces should be a source of comfort, and the properties we own should not be our source of stress.

Clutter feeds one’s eyes, and with excessive visual stimuli, the brain could be set on an anxiety drive, leading to the feeling of being overwhelmed, thus clutter births stress. It’s is said that women get more anxious as dishes pile up, because the share thought of sorting and cleaning could be burdensome.

Does this mean we should stop shopping?
Do we have enough for the rest of our lives?

An item can be classified as clutter based on the emotional triggering, mild in some case and loud in some others. As the properties we own take up space, so do they clutter our minds, because with each item is a memory, pleasant or otherwise. This blend of attachment to the source; person, place, plot, makes up clutter.

Some times we are encumbered by possessions, but upon existential audits, we can attest to the fact that all we own rarely serve us optimally. A full closet does not necessarily mean a functional closet, excess does not promise satisfaction.

“Anyone with an overflowing closet or totally stuffed basement can attest to the stress brought on by piles of junk. That’s because not only is it annoying to look at, but it can dredge up so many different emotions”.

The main question every shopper should answer is…

  • What serves what?

– When we answer this, we shop for value.

  • Owning a lot could in a reality mean owning owing very little, because we own
  • things we may never use,
  • Things that are part broken
  • Inherited wears and possessions
  • Radom party souvenirs
  • Unfits (wardrobe-bags-hats-shoes, etc)

When we have the courage to unravel systematically these issues, we may just discover that the cure for the clouded thoughts, and unsettled space is declutter. Take charge of your own space, distort and the burden of things in your possession that doesn’t serve you.

Shoppers must-
Shop for value, shop for the time you live in.

Why We Love To Shop on Impulse

shoppers warehouse

Most people would typically walk into a store with a mental or physical list of items they want to purchase; so specific would this list be that it would include the exact brand, even to prevailing market cost and the likes. Quite rarely do people go shopping without an idea of what exactly to buy.There however are cases where consumers have outrightly gone against their usual patterns of purchasing and consumption; like where a person buys stuff they forgot to include in their list, or buys stuff they’ve never used before simply because the product looks good, or even decides to purchase more than what’s on their list because it’s a Sales period and they hope to get good deals. So you see, every now and then, we all buy on impulse. But what’s so great about shopping on impulse?

1. Endless Options Direct From Source

On this platform, unlike others, we only deal with the manufacturers of all the products displayed. No middlemen, except you consider the pickup centre owner and perhaps the dispatch rider/delivery guy middlemen. If you do, then you’re wrong. You see, these folks have no influence on the price of whatever product or service you purchase from Shoppers  Warehouse, which guarantees you the best price you’d find anywhere – open market or online stores.Quality of products is aslo assured because you buy direct from the source, giving you warranties on purchases made – be it gadgets, accessories, beauty and fashion products and lots more, we’ve got you covered.   

2. Everyday is a Black Friday.
Wouldn’t it be awesome if you didn’t have to wait for yuletides and crash sales or yard sales or black Fridays or even clearance sales to be able to get discounts and good deals on all, I mean all your favourite products and (or) services? Yes it would – if I say so myself. Literary everyday is a black Friday at Shoppers Warehouse because you get 20% discount on all products. Imagine that you’re already buying at the best possible price in the market (because of our close relationship with the manufacturers), but just because you’re shopping on our platform, there’s still a 20% discount – on all products, all day, every day. This is just for regular shoppers by the way, because all partners get double that. I’m talking a whooping 40%. Who does that? We do!


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