Become a Distributor with Shoppers Warehouse and leverage on the E-commerce industry in Nigeria

Have you been thinking of starting an e-commerce business? Shoppers Warehouse is giving you the opportunity to start your own e-commerce business, become a distributor and sell amazing products.

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What you need to know about Shoppers Warehouse

Shoppers Warehouse is an e-commerce platform which has multi-level marketing embedded in its system of operations. according to Alexa ranking Shoppers Warehouse currently ranks amongst top 10 e-commerce companies in Nigeria; also ranked among top 300 hundred most popular websites in Nigeria.

First Step to becoming a Distributor

Register with Shoppers Warehouse and also earn N10,000 daily when you refer us to an individual. This is not just a multi-level marketing business but a business designed to suit you needs.

How to earn as a Distributor

Shoppers Warehouse has over 3,000 distributors across Nigeria, they cash out almost every week. apparently becoming a distributor also makes you a stakeholder in the company. there are 4 major ways you can earn as a distributor, see the next steps below:

4 Major ways to earn as a Distributor with Shoppers Warehouse

  1. Speak to your friends or community about Shoppers Warehouse: The management council of Shoppers Warehouse have designed the system to suit your personality, irrespective of your lifestyle, who you are or the kind of community you belong; you can refer us to any person who is also interested in e-commerce. Guess what? you can earn up to N10,000 daily if you refer us to anybody or even earn above N100,000 daily if you refer us to 10 persons.

2. Sell products: Don’t forget Shoppers Warehouse is also an e-commerce company, we sell products ranging from electronics, home appliances, office appliances, kitchen utensils, smartphones, laptops, fashion items and lots more. you can sell any of these products and also get sales bonuses based on the profit share on a specific product. apparently there are no stipulated fees you can earn on products, because its based on the number or quantity you sell.

3. Own a Pickup Center: As stated above; Shoppers Warehouse is an e-commerce company, moreso; a lot of persons can shop online irrespective of their locations around Nigeria or West Africa. We have pickup centers in all the regions of Nigeria and more pickup centers will be created. Owning a pickup center is another way to generate massive income selling products from a pickup center, however you can also generate sales offline.

4. Become a vendor: Shoppers Warehouse is also a lifestyle company, we sell products for every personality, this is why we also need vendors on our platform. The system is designed in a way a vendor can sell products based on product categories. We also believe in the Nigerian dream, we allow made in Nigeria products or hand made products, once its verified on our e-commerce platform; we also push across all digital marketing platforms. However its a big plus to become a vendor with Shoppers Warehouse, so you make lots of cash selling your own products even as a distributor.

Watch out for more articles on the insider, also register as a distributor with Shoppers Warehouse and start your own e-commerce business.

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