How to earn up to N10,000 daily with Shoppers Warehouse without buying a product

One of the easiest ways to make lots of cash with popular e-commerce platform Shoppers Warehouse is to become a distributor

Shoppers Warehouse is becoming a house-hold name in Nigeria, famous for its lowest price dominance in the commerce industry in Nigeria. the e-commerce company currently boast of about 3,000 distributors nationwide.

Become a Distributor

You can easily make lots of cash if you are a distributor, what it entails is for you to register and when you also refer another individual you get paid an instant N10,000. As a distributor you are expected to sell products, apparently selling products is the easiest way to make it big with Shoppers warehouse; because you can also earn from sales bonus.

Imagine if you refer 10 persons into the business in a day, you get paid an instant N100,000, lets say the 10 persons do a purchase of about 1 million a month you also share from the net profit with the company.

Click on the link to register as a distributor today, also walk into our office @ 72 Opebi road Ikeja Lagos to make enquiries.

Watch out for my next article, becoming a distributor with Shoppers Warehouse is the easiest way to start a profitable online business. you can also log on to to see more of our products.

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