Theme: “Economic Power is True Power, Financial Independence is True Independence.”

Guests’ appearances were: Zainab Kwande, Mr. Isaac Imodibe and Prince Obi (The PrinceOfWealth) as the Special Guest of Honour for the event.
The event was held on 1st October, Independence Day, at Sandralia Hotel, #1 Solomon Lar Way, Jabi, Abuja, Nigeria.

The brand (Shoppers Warehouse) was featured on The Hot Breakfast Club Radio Show Live at HOT FM 98.3FM – #1 Solomon Lar way, Jabi, Abuja.

Beautiful Abuja leaders rejoiced at their victorious Shoppers Warehouse independence mega sumit. Two sessions, and both were filled to capacity. “Who no dey, no dey” originated from this event proper; and trended unto the Kano, Onitsha and even Enugu Mega Summits. Watch this space closely, cause truly the brand has gone viral with value being dished out as promised in total simplicity and grand style.

An offshoot of this event accoladed a distinguished leader from Abuja, who was promoted to a Master Distributor, in the person of Paul Onwumah, as a master distributor in Shoppers Warehouse, making them 5 in number now.

Nothing can be more rewarding than earning daily income on every eCommerce sale, and that, being on autopilot. This is an antidote for the time that we find ourselves in. Shopperswarehouse has truly come to challenge the status quo and bring a paradigm shift to the way business is done in this our 21st century where everyone wins – no more ‘the winner takes it all’, leaving you with only ‘thank you for your patronage, come another time.’

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