Theme: “Economic Power is True Power, Financial Independence is True Independence.”

The summit featured a radio outing on Urban Radio 94.5 FM – as a prelude to the event, which was a blast. Then a red carpet session for the event proper in grand style ensued.

The sights and sounds of the first and second sessions of the Enugu Independent mega summit on Saturday, October 31st were all a blast – filled to capacity. Shoppers Warehouse is providing many with the true independence and freedom at last as promised.

It was a two day power-packed event, a total blast with the hall filled to capacity each day, with a very enthusiastic crowd that were poised to take the mountain. The event had a slogan “Who no dey, no dey” which went viral across cities. Shoppers Warehouse is truly upholding her promise of being: “your own warehouse, your wealth generator”.

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