Keep Hope Alive

The year 2020 is in its last quarter and it seems like a decade has passed already with the weight of social shift and distortion caused by recent health and medical concerns. The whole world stood for COVID19, and it seemed like we were at the brink of being brought to our knees. A lot has been lost, a lot has moved but we are still resilient regardless the emerging cultural shift due to the pandemic.

While some see fear and limitations, we ask “is there more to be imagined beyond this point? We see beyond the pandemic; and we understand that the concern for some borders around the question of what happens after we pick up the pieces. Humans are social beings, thus we will crave communion. We are of the opinion that the communion sort is one that has surely evolved. After the “Social Distancing” era, how much revert will happen in our cultural system? How many people are ready to return to status-quo?

On the one hand, there’s a school of thought that suggests that post the pandemic, people who are so starved of humane interaction will seek it out and indulge wholly. Another school of thought insists that the very fabric of human connection has been distorted by the coming of the pandemic. In this era of digital media, We are already “alone together”; The screen life, drawn into incessant use of applications and virtual social platforms and thus we already neglect human interaction on a level. This era now legitimizes and enforces social distancing, yes for safety reasons; but again, stop and think about the social eventuality of this shift.

The obvious need for shelter, food, security, leadership and HOPE is still embedded into the cultural fabric of the people. Some see the end coming; war, disasters, and now plagues and pandemic, but there are some others who see a cultural shift necessitated by the expectations of millennial existence. This is where Shoppers Warehouse meets you, the ones who survive, and they that learn to thrive in this new age. Knowing that needs most be met, we have kept the best available solutions to help with the heartbeat of the people, the best rates for goods and services ensuring that the needs of many will still be met somehow because life has to go on.

Shoppers Warehouse remains committed to the value of Hope promised and this we still strive to deliver at every cost. The hope of the people cannot be easily squandered, thus we ask that you join in this journey for HOPE, for we believe that through travail, New Life emerges. So keep hope alive, and remember, we stand with You.

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