Decluttering for Shoppers

So many people are burdened by possessions they’ve acquired and interactions with family and acquaintances. We are taught to manage Interactions with people, but rarely do we consider what to do with the things we have acquired. Our homes and work spaces should be a source of comfort, and the properties we own should not be our source of stress.

Clutter feeds one’s eyes, and with excessive visual stimuli, the brain could be set on an anxiety drive, leading to the feeling of being overwhelmed, thus clutter births stress. It’s is said that women get more anxious as dishes pile up, because the share thought of sorting and cleaning could be burdensome.

Does this mean we should stop shopping?
Do we have enough for the rest of our lives?

An item can be classified as clutter based on the emotional triggering, mild in some case and loud in some others. As the properties we own take up space, so do they clutter our minds, because with each item is a memory, pleasant or otherwise. This blend of attachment to the source; person, place, plot, makes up clutter.

Some times we are encumbered by possessions, but upon existential audits, we can attest to the fact that all we own rarely serve us optimally. A full closet does not necessarily mean a functional closet, excess does not promise satisfaction.

“Anyone with an overflowing closet or totally stuffed basement can attest to the stress brought on by piles of junk. That’s because not only is it annoying to look at, but it can dredge up so many different emotions”.

The main question every shopper should answer is…

  • What serves what?

– When we answer this, we shop for value.

  • Owning a lot could in a reality mean owning owing very little, because we own
  • things we may never use,
  • Things that are part broken
  • Inherited wears and possessions
  • Radom party souvenirs
  • Unfits (wardrobe-bags-hats-shoes, etc)

When we have the courage to unravel systematically these issues, we may just discover that the cure for the clouded thoughts, and unsettled space is declutter. Take charge of your own space, distort and the burden of things in your possession that doesn’t serve you.

Shoppers must-
Shop for value, shop for the time you live in.

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