Why We Love To Shop on Impulse

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Most people would typically walk into a store with a mental or physical list of items they want to purchase; so specific would this list be that it would include the exact brand, even to prevailing market cost and the likes. Quite rarely do people go shopping without an idea of what exactly to buy.There however are cases where consumers have outrightly gone against their usual patterns of purchasing and consumption; like where a person buys stuff they forgot to include in their list, or buys stuff they’ve never used before simply because the product looks good, or even decides to purchase more than what’s on their list because it’s a Sales period and they hope to get good deals. So you see, every now and then, we all buy on impulse. But what’s so great about shopping on impulse?

1. Endless Options Direct From Source

On this platform, unlike others, we only deal with the manufacturers of all the products displayed. No middlemen, except you consider the pickup centre owner and perhaps the dispatch rider/delivery guy middlemen. If you do, then you’re wrong. You see, these folks have no influence on the price of whatever product or service you purchase from Shoppers  Warehouse, which guarantees you the best price you’d find anywhere – open market or online stores.Quality of products is aslo assured because you buy direct from the source, giving you warranties on purchases made – be it gadgets, accessories, beauty and fashion products and lots more, we’ve got you covered.   

2. Everyday is a Black Friday.
Wouldn’t it be awesome if you didn’t have to wait for yuletides and crash sales or yard sales or black Fridays or even clearance sales to be able to get discounts and good deals on all, I mean all your favourite products and (or) services? Yes it would – if I say so myself. Literary everyday is a black Friday at Shoppers Warehouse because you get 20% discount on all products. Imagine that you’re already buying at the best possible price in the market (because of our close relationship with the manufacturers), but just because you’re shopping on our platform, there’s still a 20% discount – on all products, all day, every day. This is just for regular shoppers by the way, because all partners get double that. I’m talking a whooping 40%. Who does that? We do!

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